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This is the official website of the Bournemouth & District Table Tennis Association. The Association has been running for over 80 years. We have 6 divisions with 6 to 12 teams per division.



Submitted by Gordon White on 13 April 2015

Notice is hereby given of the PROPOSED ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the BOURNEMOUTH and DISTRICT TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION to be held on FRIDAY 26th JUNE 2015 (7.30pm) at WINTON YMCA, Jameson Road, Winton.


Submitted by Gordon White on 21 Mar 2015

I am pleased to advise you that the BDTTA Presentation Evening will take place at 7:00pm (7:30pm Dinner) on Friday 22nd May 2015 at the Ocean View Hotel, East Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth in the Viscount Suite, the same venue as last year.
The presentation of cups and trophy's will be made by the Association's special guest.
Tickets are limited to a maximum 120 persons.
Click HERE for tickets and menu.

Heritage Oil Cup (4th/5th July 2015)

Submitted by admin on 26 Feb 2015

The Heritage Oil Cup tickets are on sale now for K2, Crawley. Cost for a club/School is £2.70 per ticket for 11 tickets (1 adult - 10 kids). Adults are 2 tickets for £16.50 and Concessions are 2 tickets for £11. There are also discounted ticket prices for family and weekend ticket types up to the 1st May 2015.
Players are not yet all confirmed but expected to be Top 10 British, 10 overseas players and 4 qualifiers for the Men's and Women's.
Some of the confirmed players intending to play are:

Paul DrinkhallDavid McBeath
Liam PitchfordJakub Dyjas
Andrew BaggaleyFilip Szymanski
Sam WalkerAdam Pattantyus
Danny ReedEnio Mendes
Chris DoranPaul McCreery
Gavin Rumgay 
Fangxian Yi 
Xiaoxin Yang 
Daria Luczakowska 
Marta Golota 
Petra Lovas 
Women's is on Sat, 4th July 2015, 09:00-13:00
Men's is on Sat, 4th July 2015, 14:00-18:00
The preliminary rounds start 09:00 Sun 5th July 2015 for both Men and Women
All matches will be played on Gerflor.
Go to seetickets.com for ticket purchase.


Submitted by Gordon White on 25 Mar 2014

The BDTTA Individuals Tournaments are to be held at the Dorset Table Tennis Centre, The Grange School, Christchurch. To find the location of the Centre, go to the 'clubs' section where you can select a map. A PDF file showing the Program of Events is available in the 'Tournaments' section.

    Splitting of the Premier Division

    Posted Tuesday, 24th November 2015

    The following changes were agreed at the AGM to take effect in the 2015-16 season.

    At the last AGM the Committee were charged with the duty of examining whether the Premier Division should, or could, be divided into two parts, at the halfway point of the season, in order to provide better and more equal competition for those in that division. After considerable discussion, the Committee agreed that the Premier division would remain undivided for the rest of the playing season.
    Proposed AE Seconded TV and agreed.

    There were two deciding factors in coming to this decision.

    1) Due to a late withdrawal from the Premier the split would have been one division of 4 and one of 5.
    The fixtures for the 4 team division would be just 6 matches. This was going to be in conflict with our first guiding principal this year which was to give all teams, as full of a quota of fixtures as possible.

    2) A split would result in the premier fixtures overlapping with the Individual Events. This would have meant that some players may not have been able to enter a tournament due to League fixture commitments.

    We will continue to engage with our members and explore ways we can improve the way we run our Association.

    BDTTA Changes for 2015-16 Season

    Posted Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

    The following changes were agreed at the AGM to take effect in the 2015-16 season.

    League formation
    When forming the league, the divisions will be filled in a "top down" order , ensuring that each division will have a complete set of teams to fill the fixtures.
    This may result in teams being put in divisions outside the normal promotions and relegations.
    Please contact your Club Secretary to convey any constraints that you might have.

    For the premier division only, for the final portion of fixtures, if possible, the division will be split into two halves and fixtures arranged for each half , as two "mini" divisions. This arrangement is dependent on several factors that will not be known until later in the season so it cannot be certain it will be possible to implement, but the commitment is to attempt it.

    ITTF Regulation Adoption
    a) Time-outs - One time out of 1 minute per match (best of 5) is allowed.

    b) Towelling down - Towelling down is restricted to only every 6 points.

    Good Luck for the coming season

    Phil Hadley
    Chairman BDTTA

    New Plastic Balls

    Posted Thursday, 23rd April 2015

    The Association has purchased a quantity of the new 3* 'Xushaofa Sports' plastic balls which are to be used for the forthcoming 2015/16 season, onwards. If you would like to purchase these balls, at the preferential rate of £13. 00 per dozen, please contact Sheena Feltham.

    BDTTA Affiliation to Dorset

    Posted Wednesday, 18th March 2015

    Table Tennis England has agreed to the transfer of affiliation from Hampshire County TTA to Dorset County TTA by Bournemouth and District TTA.

    ITTF Interval Regulations

    Posted Sunday, 8th March 2015

    At the forthcoming Individual tournaments we will be adopting the following ITTF regulations.

    3. 04. 04: Intervals

    01: Play shall be continuous throughout an individual match except that any player is entitled to An interval of up to 1 minute between successive games of an individual match; Brief intervals for towelling after every 6 points from the start of each game and at the change of ends in the last possible game of an individual match.

    02: A player or pair may claim one time-out period of up to 1 minute during an individual match.

    These regulations do not apply during league matches this season. There will be an agenda item at the AGM on whether or not to adopt them for future seasons.

    Click here for DOC in TOURNAMENTS

    Dorset Table Tennis Centre

    Posted Saturday, 4th January 2014

    Open practice and coaching sessions on Friday evenings.
    Available for practice starting from Sunday 12th Jan, 2014 for 6 weeks between 10am and 5pm.
    Olympian Alison Broe will also be leading a coaching session for league players on each of these Sundays between 2:30pm and 4pm.
    See full information in the coaching section

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